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Award Winning Musician Peter Himmelman Will Change the Way You Look at Creativity

Whether we're laid off from a job, growing a family, or moving to a new city, life often requires us to reinvent ourselves or switch paths. Making that successful transition, however, can be challenging due to our fear of failure or our inability to take action. After years of hard work Peter Himmelman became an Emmy and Grammy nominated musician, songwriter and performer. But when the music industry hit hard times, he was forced to reinvent himself at age 52. Peter wants to take you on his journey and help you through your own transition. After you listen to the interview, you can buy his GREAT book at If you want to book Peter for a Big Muse event at your company, educational institution or any organization facing on-going change, connect with him at To learn more about all Peter's interesting activities go to I loved talking with a real rockstar! What a powerful interview! Thanks Peter! Best always, Marty Wolff, Your Business Builders Show Host and President of Marty Wolff Business Solutions PS: This show and all the value it brings to entrepreneurs, business owners, business leaders and professionals who seek excellence, would not be available if not for the support of companies like Kevin's Worldwide. Kevin's is one of America's largest providers of branded promotional products and uniforms. Reach out to them at to thank them.

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