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Kristi Faulkner of Do Women Trust Your Brand?

I met Christi Faulkner a few weeks ago. She told me about a survey that was coming out soon that talks about a "Significant drop in women's trust in brands". That got my attention! And if you are marketing a product or service, I strongly suggest you check out my conversation with Kristi Faulkner. She is the president and co-founder of Womenkind, where she advises clients who need and want to better reach, engage and motivate women through enhanced marketing messages. We discuss how many famous brands simply do not understand the power of women in deciding what products and services to purchase and how these same famous brands often mess up their advertising messages. Learn more about Kristi and her work at This important conversation comes to you from the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff which is distributed by Check out our past shows by going to or check out our shows and other great podcasts at This episode of the Business Builders Show is brought to you by Peter Himmelman and his Big Muse leadership presentations.

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