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Steve Rizzo - Unique and Accurate View of Motivation

The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff and is proud to present Steve Rizzzo.You can't listen to this interview and have the same attitude that you had when you started listening. Steve Rizzo, is a personal development expert, comedian, motivational speaker and bestselling author. I need be honest.......I'm kind of burned out on motivation - the books, speeches, blogs, etc. But I know Steve Rizzo and I read his book, "MOTIVATE THIS! How to Start Each Day with an UNSTOPPABLE ATTITUDE TO SUCCEED Regardless of Your Circumstances". Steve has a unique and accurate view of how to stay motivated and optimistic. You will love this discussion! Buy his book- MOTIVATE THIS! In fact I suggest you buy several copies for your family, friends and colleagues. And watch the results you'll get from the experiences of Steve Rizzo, "The Attitude Adjuster". This episode of the Business Builders Show on has been underwriten by Peter Himmelman and his rock and roll fueled leadership programs. Learn more at Learn more about me and my executive coaching and business consulting services at Or call me at 570 815 1626

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