The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff


The Impact of Data Breaches on Reputation & Share Value

Tom Kemp is the CEO of and his company sponsored a report that quite frankly scared the heck out of me. C-Suite executives please check this out. The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff and are honored to present this interview with Tom Kemp. The study we talked about can be accessed here: This report gives you statistics that explain the impact a data breach can have on your small, mid-size or publicly traded company. If you are a senior executive, all your team members should review this survey and learn more about what Tom's company can do to help you deal with data breaches. I am proud to be part of who distributes the Business Builders Show to C Suite executives all over the world. Thanks to Peter Himmelman of for sponsoring this edition of the Business Builders Show. Contact me at 570 815 1626 if you are looking for an experienced and effective executive coach. Long history of success!

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