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The Potential Principle with Mark Sanborn

I'm struggling to be objective in this show announcement. Why? Because I have immense respect for my guest Mark Sanborn. Fact is I really like him! The Business Builders Show and is proud to bring you best-selling author and one of the Top 15 leadership experts in the world today, Mark Sanborn joins us. We discuss his new book "The Potential Principle: A PROVEN SYSTEM For Closing The Gap Between How Good You Are And How Good You Can Be". Like Mark tells me in the interview, the book title says it all..................this book is for you if you want to get better. And he discusses get better at what? And WHY get better. You can learn more about Mark on his website The book website is You may recognize Mark Sanborn's name from his immensely successful book "The Fred Factor". In addition to his latest work "The Potential Principle" you may also want to order "The Fred Factor" Enjoy this great conversation with a guy who really has belief in all of us - he wants and expects us to get better! Keep watching for us on You will find other great podcasts there also. If you are looking for an executive coach or business consultant, I may be able to help you like I have helped so many other business owners. You can reach with your comments about this show of to talk to me about becoming your business coach at 570 815 1626. Thanks to for sponsoring this edition of the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff on Until next time, Marty Wolff

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