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Because Everyday is a Marathon

I saw founder Hema Nambiar on "Your Business with JJ Ramburg" on MSNBC. I was captivated by her story. We are proud to share her story on the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff, which is distributed by After two surgeries and a new synthetic diaphragm, Hema had to relearn how to breathe again. Literally. Listen how she set some goals and eventually started her modern sportswear company, Very unique story about entrepreneurship, and with a very unique product line. Listen, be captivated and then log on to buy some of her great products - Check out all our past shows and many other great shows from other hosts at Need financing for personal, business or real estate money needs? Get a Quick Quote from our Business Builders Show sponsor - Call or text me with your comments or questions at 570 815 1626. Thanks for listening.

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