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Cryptocurrency Novice or Expert, New and Important Info From CoinLion

The Business Builders Show and is proud to present Joshua DeWitt, Co-Founder and CEO of Josh has been mining and trading in the crypto space since the beginning and recently moved on from his position with Merrill Lynch to focus exclusively on developing a solution the industry so desparately needs. The first question I asked Josh was "did Mark Cuban really suggest we put 10% of our income into bitcoin and ethereum?". Josh had a careful and succinct answer. He also explained to me, in words I could understand, what all this means and why I should care. is a new cryptocurrency exchange and portfolio platform. They want to educate and support novices and experts in the cryptocurrency space. Our Business Builders Show and listeners have an early mover advantage by listening to my discussion with Joshua DeWitt. If you see this before December 18, 2017, go to their website right away! Special thanks to our sponsors: for baby boomers wanting to exit their construction related business and when you need personal, business or real estate financing. Go there to get a Quick Quote from Thanks for listening. Contact me with questions or comments at 570 815 1626.

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