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"No Opportunity Wasted" with Bishop Joseph W. Walker"

In 1992, 24-year-old Bishop Walker became the youngest pastor ever at Mt. Zion, an historic church that had fallen on hard times. But he had a vision for growth and relevance, so today Mt. Zion is not only well known for its extensive pastoral outreach, but as an extremely well-run operation. Learn more at Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff is distributed by We discuss Bishop Walker's book No Opportunity Wasted: The Art of Execution. This book and our discussion is intended (and succeeds) to serve not just the faith community, but for a general business audience also. Be sure to check out all our Business Builders Shows on Need help attracting and retaining the very best talent? My sponsor Dave Nast has the answer! Reach out to him at Let me know how you will be applying what you learned from this great interview with Bishop Walker. Send me an email at

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