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Not Equal, Civil Rights Gone Wrong

My Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff on tackles several controversial topics in this interview with Ryan Scott Bomberger. Topics include abortion, Planned Parenthood, civil rights, adoption and inequality. WHY discuss these topics on a business show? Because I want my listeners to be informed so they can make informed decisions about their families, businesses and communities. If you want to learn more about Ryan's work, go to Absolutely fascinating story of how Ryan came to do the work he does today. You can find the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff and many other fine shows at Want to be the business owner everyone envies? Can you can take off and not worry your company is in good hands? Contact me and I'll tell you how I helped other business owners build a self-managed company. Call or text me at 570 815 1626. And, of course I would love to hear your comments and questions about my discussion with Ryan Scott Bomberger. Thanks for listening.

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