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How about that for nerve, mentioning how Wombi Rose and his company Lovepop Cards, have been on Shark Tank, Good Morning America and now they are on the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff on!!!! ALL TRUE. Oh yeah, I forgot Wombi (yeah, that's really his name) was also on JJ Ramburg's show on MSNBC. That's where I first saw him. I LOVE the business story of Lovepop Cards and the beauty of their cards are incredible. Too much to tell gotta listen and then go to to learn more. You can also find them on Twitter @lovepop and Facebook @lovepopcards. MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!! BTW - Wombi tells us about Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank being a nice I'm positive you are going to listen carefully! Great shows are available from my talented friends at the C-Suite Radio Network. Find all our Business Builders Shows and many other fine shows at We share this business information to help you succeed. If you want to learn more about our executive coaching and business consulting services - call or text me at 570 815 1626

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