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Is NOW The Time To Do Some "Unsafe Thinking?

Contrary to common wisdom, Jonah Sachs discovered that trailblazers he writes about were not born crazy or blessed with golden gut thinking. They used a strategic approach to unleash the inner creative genius in themselves and their teams. We welcome Jonah Sachs,, to the Business Builders Show on How does a person, who at one time was considered the biggest flop on the internet, now have a $500M company? Who and what fueled the decision for CVS to stop selling tobacco products? These stories and many more in Jonah's great book UNSAFE THINKING......How To Be Nimble And Bold When You Need It Most. Learn more about Jonah on his website - or on Twitter @jonahsachs. You can get all our Business Builders Shows and many other fine podcasts at WHY do we bring you these great authors and thinkers? Because we are executive coaches and business consultants who want to help you succeed. If you want to learn more about our tested, proven, and effective services, go to and www.contractorsuccession. Love to hear your comments or questions. Call or text me at 570 815 1626

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