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"Conquer Anything" by Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Stube (Ret.)

I'm struggling to find the right words that describe my conversation with Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Stube (Ret.). We discussed his book Conquer Anything: A Green Beret's Guide To Building Your A-Team. I was completely engaged in this discussion based on Greg's journey of suffering life-changing wounds in Afghanistan to the message he shares today. EMOTIONAL, ENGAGING, INSPIRATIONAL, PRAGMATIC. The Business Builders Show and are honored to share this story with you. Listen for the words "Fort Living Room", and "Here's To Momma", and "Fabric of Freedom". Listen to every word - be sure to stay to the every end of the interview. You will want to consider having Greg speak to your group, Also listen to what he describes as "true diversity." Listen to the interview and buy several copies of this book. Conquer Anything is a Special Forces book, but even more than that. it is a leadership book designed to help each of us achieve the highest goals possible in our professional and private lives. Reach out to Greg via his website: to thank him for his contribution to our lives! I would love to hear your comments and questions. You can reach me via phone or text at 570 815 1626. Learn more about my work at and Reminder, you can find all our shows and many other fine shows at Until next time................Marty Wolff

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