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The Snowball System by Mo Bunnell

Let's start right here - go to to learn more about Mo Bunnell's book and for a FREE video course on how to, yes, create more demand for your products and services! Mo Bunnell is founder and CEO of Bunnell Idea Group (BIG) His company have trained tens of thousands of professionals around the world. And we are proud to bring this work to you on the Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff on I'm a veteran salesperson, so I'm not easily impressed with those writing sales books. However, I WAS IMPRESSED with "The Snowball System". Mean't for those who are serious about their careers. You can find Mo Bunnell on Linkedin and other social media channels. Be sure to have your notebook ready to take notes on this and many other Business Builders Shows on Call or text me with your questions or comments 570 815 1626. You can find me on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. In our executive coaching and business consulting practice we help companies grow their sales and revenues. Call 570 815 1626. Thanks for listening.

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