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Retail Strategist Melissa Gonzalez

Guest host, J. Kelly Hoey is joined by Melissa Gonzalez on the Business Builders Show, on
Before retail strategist Melissa Gonzalez founded her award-winning firm, The Lion’esque Group, she was working on Wall Street in institutional sales. A desire to do something more creative with her career plus a little good timing, resulted in Melissa stepping off the trading floor and into working with coveted (as well as emerging brands) including Marc Jacobs, Penguin Random House, Brandless, Food52 and more. Melissa is a self-published author. Her book The Pop-Up Paradigm: Building Human Connections In A Digital Age, is the go-to resource for any brand considering experiential retail (plus, as she shares in her interview, self-publishing was a really wise business development investment for her). Beyond brands and transforming unused physical spaces into imaginative retail experiences, Melissa is involved with a smart-city initiative in Loudoun, Virginia (plus a really cool project she has promised to come back to talk with us about). You can find Melissa’s book on Amazon.Find out what Melissa and The Lion’esque Group are working on by following them on:Twitter: more about The Lion’esque Group and their projects here: Learn more about J. Kelly Hoey at www.jkellyhoey.comLearn more about Marty Wolff at and www.contractorsuccession.comGet all our Business Builders Shows and many other fine shows at

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