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ICONIC - Part 2 with Scott McKain

I interviewed Scott McKain a few weeks ago, when his book was just released; ICONIC: How Organizations and Leaders Attain, Sustain, and Regain The Ultimte Level of Distinction. One interview was not enough. We needed to cover more details and this time around we spent more time on how organizations can REGAIN Iconic status. J Kelly Hoey joins me in this fabulous discussion with Scott McKain on the Business Builders Show on
Take a few minutes (less than 19) to learn why this book is being featured in the windows of Barnes and Noble in New York City and why Scott is the premire speaker, author, and consultant on the topic of DISTINCTION and now how you, yes you, the small business owners can become an ICONIC organization.
Go to to learn more about Scott, the book, his other books and to schedule him as a speaker for your next major event.
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