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Indie band Bugeye take you an amusing journey with tales of music legends and new music discoveries. Expect tales of glory, glamour, addiction, the underdog, murder, suicide, consiracy theories and darn good music.Bugeye
Latest Episode7/28/2020

Invasion of the cabbage patch dolls

Season 1, Ep. 20
This week we're joined by special guest Caffy St Luce, the fairy godmother of rock, as we explore protest songs through the ages. Kerrie takes us back to the 1930s and what is believed to be one of the first protest songs, Strange Fruit sung by Billie Holiday. We also moonwalk back in time to life in 1979 from politics to the launch of the Sony Walkman before landing at the feet of legends The Slits and their song 'Typical Girl'. Expect random facts and stories of Howard Marks, Manic Street Preachers, Mason and more on that inflatable kayak.Our music hot picks this week are from Dream Nails and Rosehip Teahouse.If you want to get in touch with us please email: or on social media via twitter @bugeyeband or Facebook @bugeyemusicRESEARCHRosehip TeahouseBandcamp: https://rosehipteahouse.bandcamp.comFacebook: NailsBandcamp: FRUIT SLITS

Crowd-surfing JC

Season 1, Ep. 19
Join Kerrie and Angela for a chat about Charles Mason, the Mason Family Murders and his many connections to music. We also take a look at the origins of headbanging, crowd-surfing and moshing from head-butting stages to dancing parrots, expect the unexpected.New music this week is from The Gulps 'The Kings House' and Teenage Waitress with 'I'm leaving Berlin'Got a story you want us to cover or a new band you want us to play on the show, email us at or follow us on twitter @Bugeyeband or instagram @bugeye_musicTo hear the music by the artists we talk about in our shows as well as our new music hot picks, here's our official Spotify playlist: you want to donate to our show and help us invest in some better equipment to deliver an even better show, you can make a one off donation here RESEARCHThe Gulps - https://thegulps.comFacebook: WaitressFacebook: of what we do at gigsCrowdsurfing: Beats: Mason and his many connections to musicBillboard: Mason's Childhood: Mason Family Murders - Wiki - Tate Murders: Mason Family Cult: Stuff Works: That Is Interesting

What a bright spark... and a complete nut job

Season 1, Ep. 18
This week Angela and Grace tell the story of Phil Spector looking at his early life, his rise to fame, his demise and the murder of Lana Clarkson. It's a rollercoaster ride of the Wall of Sound, inflatable dolls, Christmas kids, and a whole lot more in-between.Our artist hot picks this week are by Deux Furieuses 'Let them burn' and 1983 by The Tuts.Please note that Grace's phone line has a bit of background noise. She wasn't standing next to a plane taking off, but more a case of lockdown playing with our phone line quality. If you want to donate to our show and help us invest in some better equipment to deliver an even better show, you can make a one off donation here RESEARCHDeux Furieuses - https://www.deuxfurieuses.comFacebook: https://deuxfurieuses.bandcamp.comThe TutsBandcamps: https://thetuts.bandcamp.comFacebook: SPECTORDa Doo Ron Ron The Phil Spector Story The Teddy Bears: Phil Spector Telegraph: Music - Phil Spectors Greatest Hits Magazine - Telegraph: Ronnie Spector Interview: Guardian: Observer: Spector: Guardian True Crime with Aphrodite Jones: Phil Spector (2010) of Pain Clarkson:

Moral degradation and inflatable Kayaks

Season 1, Ep. 17
Angela and Kerrie talk conspiracy theories and explore the FBI investigation into 60s hit song Louie Louie by the Kingsmen. We also look at one hit wonders Spaceman by Babylon Zoo one of the fastest selling songs in British chart history and What's Up by 4 Non-Blondes and the incredbile writting talent of Linda Perry.New music this week is by the incredbile Ms Mohammad with Alibi and Madame So with Generation YLove our show? You can support us by becoming part of our family over at Patreon if you want to make a one off donation visit: the music in our show? Visit our Spotify profile and scroll to the bottom to access our playlists for this weeks showMadame So - Mohammad - http://msmohammed.comFacebook: Investigation: The Kingsmen - Louie Louie Hit Wonders4 Non-Blondes & Babylon ZooRolling Stone: is In The TV: Linda Perry America:

All by myself

Season 1, Ep. 16
This week Angela is flying solo on the show and tells the story of Big Star who failed to establish popular acclaim in the 70s but went on to be one of the most influential bandsof modern rock music.We also feature music on the show: Night Garden by Animal Breakdown, Eggshells by Les Futiles, Nowhere by Rachel Jack and Get up to me and Can We Go Too Far by The Astounds.Remember, you can hear all the music from the artists we discuss and the bands we feature on our Spotify Profile. Just scroll to the bottom of our profile here: you'd like to access bonus content such as free music, our locked in podcast and more, please head over to Patreon: Breakdown Facebook: https://animalbreakdown.bandcamp.comTwitter: FutilesFacebook: https://lesfutiles.bandcamp.comRachel JackStreaming links: AstoundsBandcamp: https://theastounds.bandcamp.com STAR Wiki: Star Documentary: Vinyl Factory: Guardian: Guardian: Guardian: Collector:

Oh what a woman!

Season 1, Ep. 15
This week we take a look at the lives of Etta James, one of the most dynamic soul singers of all time, and blues rock legend, Janis Joplin; her rise to fame and her tragic ending.Our new music discoveries this week are Quarantine by Lilith Ai and Easy Way Out by Jitensha.Become a supporter of our show with a one off donation: love to hear from our listeners, so if you want to say hi, have a story to share or new music you think we should hear, you can email us at or visit us on twitter @bugeyeband and facebook/Instagram @bugeyemusicTo hear music from our podcast series, please follow us on Spotify. All our playlists are at the bottom of our artist profile: Music:Lilith AiFacebook: https://lilithai.bandcamp.comJitenshawww.jitenshamusic.comFacebook: JamesWiki: Guardian: - Etta James Biography: James Singing Live - Something's got a hold on me. To Survive: The Etta James StoryPaperback – 15 May 2003: Pop Eat Itself?: Pop Music in the Soundbite Era: Joplin Little Girl Blue

Kim, Kim and Kim

Season 1, Ep. 14
Lil' Kim, Kim Gordon and Kim Deal - all legends and all featured in this weeks episode. We take a look at the rise of Lil' Kim and her critically acclaimed album, Hardcore. We also take a dive into Sonic Youth's album, Goo, and the early days of the group from the prespective of band member Kim Gordon from her memoir, Girl in a band. Our third story of the week looks at Kim Deal and her music journey with Pixies and The Breeders.PLUS we play music by Art Trip and The Static Sound and Bruise Cruise.You can now support this show with a once of donation here: a story you want us to cover or music you would like us to play? email rockpoprambles@gmail.comYou can also follow us at Bugeye on twitter @bugeyeband and facebook @bugeyemusicThis weeks playlist featuring music from the show can be found here: Negative Energy by Art Trip and The Static SoundBandcamp: https://arttripandthestaticsound.bandcamp.comFacebook: Cruise by Bruise CruiseBandcamp: RESEARCHLil' KimWiki FASHION Source: Stone: Vibe: Murder of BIG Deal Holland - The Breeders Revisited: GordonKim Gordon Interview: Girl In A Band Guardian book review Thurston Moore confused over fans blaming him for Sonic Youth split - Kim Gordon: Live Vinyl - Goo artwork Goo Review Gordon's open letter to Karen Carpenter: 303 - artist Kim Gordon: Kim Gordon Girl in a band: