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BudPod with Phil Wang & Pierre Novellie

BonusPod 262 - Cairoach

Ep. 262

Intro is VIP Bluebells, Twilight and the lack of male equivalent, excitingness, tube adverts, influencer library photos, Dan Brown, and more from Handy Dandy Andy (Egypt Roach edition)

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  • 268. Episode 268 - Have I Got Phil For You

    The lads discuss the election being called, the bonfire of Tories, strategies for getting a gong from the palace, Phil's hosting of HIGNFY, pre-Raphaelites, wine and fanciness and Trump's love of Hannibal Lecter. We hear from Tom the Teflon Toilet, Catherine has albumed and shares a poo posterGo see Pierre at the Bloomsbury! Pierre's book!
  • 267. Episode 267 - Honey Heist

    The lads have just come from the studio recording Pierre's audiobook! Pre-order the book here: discuss Made In Chelsea and Phil's new love of reality shows generally, and suggest Werk House for Dickensian entertainment, and Phil saw an argument between a member of the public and a Member Of Station Staff. Correspondence from Pete regarding gardening soiling oneself, and Jeff is suggesting a new fart enjoyment theory.
  • 266. Episode 266 - The People's Meat March

    The lads discuss Avril Lavigne's Sk8ter Boi, Tony Hawke and skateboarding in general, practice making perfect, Virgin Atlantic's progressive values, the ambitious demographic diversity of adverts, Twitter's neo-nazis using AI, ruining panel shows by being a NERD, and Simon Parkin sends us an INCREDIBLE song Go see Pierre at the Bloomsbury! Pierre's book!
  • 265. Episode 265 - Beef Hangover

    Go see Pierre at the Bloomsbury! Pierre's book! lads discuss beef, hangovers, gigs, books, eating plants, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND CIVIL WAR, and correspondence from Mark who is spreading the word of the BudGospel, feat. Curb 33AD
  • 264. Episode 264 - BudPoetry

    The lads consider a pivot to parenting podcast, discuss the food logistics of a polycule warehouse, do deep textual analysis on Wang's juvenilia, school report fun and genetic handwriting. We get an update on global shaman phenomenons from an ANONYMOUS DC INSIDER DEEP STATE.
  • 263. Episode 263 - Bast*rd Coded

    The lads discuss size and might, clothing and clothing sales and decoding Taylor Swift. Correspondence from an anonymous marketeer and a marriage tat confusion from HalesowenGo see Pierre at the Bloomsbury 22nd June!
  • 262. Episode 262 - Spinning Plates

    The lads discuss zen, the ideal lifestyle, meditation, Phil's experience at the video game BAFTAS! Pierre's book diet and more, correspondence from Ally's bluebells experiencePre-order Pierre's book here:
  • 261. Episode 261 - Must Tash

    The lads discuss berry disappointment, working, Phil's moustache, brain and heart, back waxing and horrible pranksPre-order Pierre's book: Theatre gig:
  • 260. BookLaunchPod 260 - BonusPod 257!

    Pre-order Pierre's book here!