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BudPod with Phil Wang & Pierre Novellie

Episode 270 - Port Felipe

Ep. 270

This week the lads dock at the glamourous Port Felipe and welcome 'Producer Felipe' to the BudPod team! P&P also discuss the tories' week from hell, de-colonising the podcast and of course Tat attack! Koji x

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  • 276. Episode 276 - I'm Sick

    As the de-colonisation continues, Phil and Pierre turn their attention back to the US as Kamala Harris is elected as the Democrats' Presidential candidate.BudPod Live: 5th Anniversary Special is on 25/09/24 at the Leicester Square Theatre!General sale is live today!Get your tickets here
  • 275. Episode 275 - Trump the White

    This week the boys unravel what was a scary, bizarre and potentially, defining week in American politics, why Biden reminds Pierre of Mr. Burns and why Trump has it all to lose! Koji x
  • 274. Episode 274 - Hello Labour!

    This week the boys dive into a new post-election world, the first BudPod under the new Labour government! Phil and Pierre breakdown some of their favourite moments from Thursday night, Labour's first few days in power, our weekly correspondents of course, and...a little treat for you guys at the end...stay tuned!Pierre's book is out in less than 10 days!Pre-Order here!
  • 273. Episode 273 - Pre-Election Pod !

    This week the lads get stuck in discussing the UK’s election options ahead of the big day on Thursday! The de-colonization of the pod continues of course…
  • 272. Episode 272 - DadPod

    The lads talk DADS! Seven sins of mums and dads, martial arts films, home dynamics, DVD conspiracy preppers and more. Correspondence from Will from NZ and a best-selling Canadian: Ian!
  • 271. Episode 271 - Cocaine Fraud

    This week the discuss their weekend travels to a remote Scottish wedding, Phil's battle with a £3 parking ticket and their continued effort to de-colonize the pod, along with correspondents and tat attack of course!Go see Pierre at the Bloomsbury this weekend! Pierre's book!
  • 269. Episode 269: Love, Your Mum

    This week the lads discuss Pierre's disgust with peoples behaviour on trains, Phil's frustrations at the gym, Mrs. Doubtfire and of course some listener correspondents! Go see Pierre at the Bloomsbury! Pierre's book!
  • 268. Episode 268 - Have I Got Phil For You

    The lads discuss the election being called, the bonfire of Tories, strategies for getting a gong from the palace, Phil's hosting of HIGNFY, pre-Raphaelites, wine and fanciness and Trump's love of Hannibal Lecter. We hear from Tom the Teflon Toilet, Catherine has albumed and shares a poo posterGo see Pierre at the Bloomsbury! Pierre's book!