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Ohio State transfer talk -- Building an entire defense from departing Buckeyes

On this Wednesday Buckeye Talk, Doug Lesmerises and Stephen Means are once again talking transfers.

Players who want to be eligible to play at their new schools this fall needed to be in the transfer portal by May 1 (or get a waiver later), so the portal may calm down for a bit now that the deadline has passed.

So where do things sit with Ohio State?

Where does Ohio State place in national transfer rankings? How many Buckeyes have left compared to how many arrived, and how does that compare to Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, USC, LSU, Michigan, Penn State and others?

Which Buckeyes that left will be missed the most?

And what do you think of the entire starting defense you could build from OSU players who have left the program since August?

Thanks for listening to Buckeye Talk.

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