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Toby Fraser of the Masculinity Action Project Philadelphia

Ep. 69

069 - Toby Fraser is the Community Education Supervisor at the Lutheran Settlement House in Philadelphia. The Settlement House is a nonprofit that offers programming for food access, homeless services, domestic violence services, senior services and education. Toby also runs the Masculinity Action Project, a community education and violence prevention initiative.


3:00 - Toby Intro - Background & Present Work 

7:00 - Youth Work: relationship skills

11:00 - No-No-Yes Trope 

15:00 - Rape is universally defiled and at the same time extremely common - what’s going on? 

21:00 - Engaging with men who don’t want to examine their conditioned behavior- stages of change model 

29:00 - How to deal with jealousy + What is domestic violence? 

42:00 - White people and “being emotional in private”

50:00 - How to engage with white people who don’t believe in white privilege 

Lutheran Settlement House

Masculinity Action Project

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