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Heal the Father Wound with "Mantor" Rob Kandell

Ep. 65

065: "Heal the Father Wound with "Mantor" Rob Kandell" @robert.kandell

Robert Kandell is a financial executive and author who has facilitated over 400 workshops and coaching sessions. Thomas asks Rob about his specialty coaching and consulting for men, and why Rob has invested so much time in creating resources for others to develop self-mastery. Rob walks the audience through making peace with the "father" and why it is important, whether your father is alive, dead, or an unknown entity.


2:00 - Why did Rob get into men’s work? 

8:00 - Society fosters a disconnection between who we think we should be, and who we are 

12:00 - Self mastery 

21:00 - Persecution of men around their desire 

29:00 - Rob’s relationship with his father; the father wound

36:00 - Forgive & be forgiven by the father

38:00 - how to approach a relationship with an absent/dead/unknown father

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