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#168: How to Get Better at Trusting Your Gut Intuition

Season 1, Ep. 168

Welcome to The Big Idea of the Week!


On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, our host, Dhru Purohit talks to us about how to trust our gut and get better at listening to our intuition. 

He shares three big ideas on this topic:

(1) Practice listening - our intuition doesn’t just speak to us in life’s big events, it speaks to us in life’s small events too. Listening to our intuition in life’s little moments will help us get better at hearing our intuition in life’s bigger moments.

(2) Meditate - meditation is one of the ultimate life hacks. If you find yourself struggling to implement a regular meditation practice, try walking. It gets you into nature, and is great for giving you a change in perspective. 

(3) Find the fear or allow - when people say, “I’m so confused, I don’t know what I want,” it typically means one of two things: (1) “I don’t know what I want, but I feel I should know,” or (2) “I do know what I want, but I’m afraid of the consequences of my decision.”

If you don’t know what you want, breathe and slow down. The answer always comes if you are willing to be silent long enough to hear it, and allow things to unfold. A lot of growth happens when we become comfortable being uncomfortable. 

If you do know what you want, but are afraid of the consequences of your decision, address the fear. Write your fears down on paper—be clear about them, don’t hide from them. Give a name and a face to the monster that is holding you back. Monsters are never as scary as they seem when we can see what they really look like.

Most people who say they are confused actually do know what they want, but for some reason they are scared. Scared of making the wrong choice, scared of losing love, scared of failing. Being scared is a great thing, it shows you that you care. But when we stop because we’re scared, we don’t learn the lesson that we were meant to learn.

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