Dhru Purohit Podcast


#25: Fascia: The Connective Tissue That Keeps You Healthy

Host: Dhru Purohit

Guest: Dr. Shalani Bhat

Have you ever thought about how our organs are able to stay in place, exactly where they need to be? There is a stretchy webbing, or connective tissue, inside of our bodies called fascia that runs from head to toe around our organs and our muscles. We are learning more and more about this tissue, the role it plays in our health, and how to keep it healthy so you can feel your best.

Today, we dive into this topic with Functional Medicine practitioner Dr. Shalini Bhat, founder of The Movement Boutique in Toronto. Dr. Bhat and Dhru will start off by explaining what fascia is and why it’s so important. Then, they will talk in depth about how to keep fascia healthy through diet and movement—because after all “motion is lotion.”

As a Functional Medicine doctor, Dr. Bhat is always interested in finding the root cause of issues, so you’ll also get to hear her perspective on how fascia may impact digestion and brain health. And, finally, if you want to hear some practical tips on things you can do to support healthy fascia in our daily lives, listen to the end!

In this episode, we dive into:

-Dr. Bhat’s background and education (4:18)

-What is fascia? (12:16)

-Discovering fascia is an organ with an important function (18:41)

-Addressing nutrition to keep fascia healthy (20:30)

-Fascia and digestion (27:32)

-Does your fascia affect your brain health? (30:38)

-How has technology impacted our fascia? (35:12)

-Sitting properly in a chair and desk work (42:00)

-Fascial release at home (46:46)

-Finding root causes to help fascia (49:30)

-Emotions stored in the body (54:33)

-Where to find Dr. Bhat online (1:01:13)

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