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The Doggy Pod with Dr Rob Zammit

Music and dogs

Season 8, Ep. 8

This week Dr Rob practises his Shakespeare, and we talk all things dogs and music. What sort of music does your dog like? It's very important that you dog has the right taste in music. Also Dr Rob discusses the ethics around puppies in pet shops and a little advice about clean teeth. Enjoy

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  • 10. Nemo- the three legged dog

    This week Rob's trying to find a new vet and we get the full story about Nemo, the three legged dog. Make sure you follow us on Instagram for more Nemo videos. It brought a tear to Dr Rob's eye. It's winter in Australia, so is it ok to buy clothes for your dog? Plus much more
  • 9. Holidays with your dog

    This week Dr Rob talks about how the change of seasons effects your dog's mood and speaking of changing seasons, we also talk about the benefits of taking your dog away for the weekend. Also Dr Rob talks about doggy depression, is there such a thing?Enjoy
  • 7. Crazy happy dogs

    In this brand new episode, Dr Rob talks about aggressive dogs and dogs that have separation anxiety. Does your dog go crazy every time you come home, or just ignore you? We also talk about doggy that a thing? Plus much much more
  • 6. Going Global

    Dr Rob is very popular in all corners of the world. The Doggy Pod is available in most countries around the globe and Dr Rob receives questions from dog owners all the time. So this week he thought he would answer a few from the Philippines, Belgium, Ireland...and beyond. Something for everyoneEnjoy
  • 5. Dr Rob & the Easter Show!

    Sorry we've been away for a few week folks, couldn't be helped....but we're back now. Dr Rob has been on active duty at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and he's got a few great stories to tell, plus the usual banter. Please enjoy.
  • 4. A bonus episode for you

    This is a special bonus episode of The Doggy Pod. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the vet profession in Australia and Dr Rob Zammit was asked to give an interview on our national broadcaster- the ABC. It's a fascinating insight to the profession that all dog owners rely on so much. Enjoy
  • 3. Dr Rob to the rescue

    Dr Rob gets asked this question a lot...'what should I get, a rescue dog or a pedigree dog'? Even if you're not thinking of getting a new best friend, there's lots of great info in this episode for every dog owner. Enjoy...and give your dog a cuddle.
  • 2. Dr Rob's TOP TEN foods to feed your dog

    This week Dr Rob talks about the top ten foods your dog should be eating, and there are a few surprises on the list. He also let slip one of the things he always does when he opens a new pack of dog've been warned. Enjoy