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Brit Pop Movies of a Certain Age

Special Episode - Chris Barber Tribute

Season 1, Ep. 5.09

Join us for a special episode of BPMOACA as we pay tribute to the hugely-influential musician Chris Barber, a towering figure in post-war British (and worldwide) jazz, blues and popular music via four movies that he was involved in during his peak: “Momma Don't Allow” (1956), “Look Back in Anger” (1959), “It’s Trad Dad” [a.k.a. “Ring-A-Ding Rhythm”] (1962) & “Where Has Poor Mickey Gone?” (1964)

Raise a glass, grab your washboard and enjoy!




Show Notes:

“Momma Don't Allow” is available to stream for free on the BFI player

“Look Back in Anger” is available to stream here

…and both films are available on the BFI’s excellent Woodfall Films box set

“It’s Trad Dad” can be viewed here

“Where Has Poor Mickey Gone?” can be streamed via the BFI Player

Our “full” review of “Where Has Poor Mickey Gone?” can be found on the Early March 2021 edition of the Talking Pictures TV Podcast

NOTE: We do not own the copyright to any of the music included here; used as examples only.

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