Brit Pop Movies of a Certain Age


Episode 3 - Band of Thieves and Dateline Diamonds

Season 1, Ep. 3

After several months hiding out in a safehouse owned by Jimmy the Greek, Matt “Fingers” Bragg & Gavin “The Tonsils” Lazarus feel the heat’s died down enough to head back daaaaaahn the old manor with a swag-bag containing the latest episode of Brit Pop Movies of a Certain Age - a Pop-and-Cop double-bill, giving it plenty of verbal regarding the movies “Band of Thieves” (1962) and “Dateline Diamonds” (1966). 

Singin’ like bleedin’ canaries they are. But stick it in your shell-likes or we’ll send the boys raaaahhhnd.

Oh - and you ain’t seen us - orwright?!




Show Notes:


Season 1 Episode 03: Pop-and-Cop Playlist

“This is a Journey Into Sound…” Playlist


Band of Thieves and Dateline Diamonds can both be found on Renown Pictures’ excellent DVD box set “Films With a Beat”, available to purchase here

“Owning Up”, George Melly’s fine memoir detailing the Trad Jazz scene of the 1950s

“Small Faces: The Young Mods' Forgotten Story by Paolo Hewitt (1995)

“All or Nothing” - The Small Faces musical

…and if you’re still in Lockdown and gagging for a pint, have a vicarious trip down the boozer via the BFI’s “Roll Out the Barrel” DVD set; includes the short films “All in Good Time” (1964) and “Under the Table You Must Go” (1969) as referenced in this edition of the podcast

We played: 

“All I Wanna Do is Sing” (Acker Bilk/Norrie Paramor/Peter Pavey)

“I Think of You” (David Gold/Keith Mansfield)

“I’ve Got Mine” (Steve Marriott/Ronnie Lane/Jimmy Winston/Kenney Jones)

ERRATUM: Regarding the owners of the Ruskin Arms pub in Manor Park, Jimmy Winston's family name was actually Langwith. Just thought we'd clear that up.