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Bringing Nature Home with Berkeley

Going Green This Christmas with Katey Jones

Ep. 6

Have yourself an eco-friendly Christmas...

More people have started to express interest in greener living especially at the most wonderful time of the year. Recent data by Pinterest shows a 50% surge in searches for sustainable Christmas decorations, while Etsy has experienced a similar increase in enquiries for biodegradable gifts compared to last year, showing a strong appetite for environmentally friendly practices.

Hosted by Katey Jones, blogger and founder of the Instagram account My Plastic-Free Home, this episode provides a plethora of tips and tricks that can help individuals and families reduce and recycle Christmas waste. It also offers advice on what to do with unwanted presents and how to breathe new life into old Christmas decorations.

Big change often starts at home, and we hope this new episode will inspire people to embrace new habits and practices from the comfort of their living rooms over the festive period.

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  • 1. Woodland Walks with Kent Wildlife Trust

    In this first episode we’re exploring one the county’s natural habitats with the Kent Wildlife Trust. Ecologist Marie Dipple will guide you on an audio tour of the woodlands of the High Weald Walk which surround Hollyfields, our new neighbourhood in Royal Tunbridge Wells. This is a rich and vibrant habitat and a prime spot to explore and enjoy the best of our local great outdoors, whether you’re a resident or a visitor.We’d love to see the ways you’re getting involved with nature. Send us your photos, drawings, videos – anything that shows you enjoying wildlife where you are. Share on social media, using the hashtag #BerkeleyBringingNatureHome.
  • 2. Preserving for the future with Julius Roberts

    In the second episode of Berkeley’s new podcast series ‘Bringing Nature Home’, Julius Roberts, a cook, farmer and gardener and the face behind the popular Instagram page ‘Tell Tale Food’, shares his tips on making preserves and foraging. Following his passion for self-sustainability, good food and the great outdoors, Julius quit London for the countryside and is now based in Dorset, sharing ideas and inspiration for enjoying nature’s larder.As part of this new episode, titled ‘Preserving For The Future’, Julius will delve into the history of preserving, share simple recipes you can follow along at home, talk about the importance of considerate foraging, and reveal his go-to pickling and fermenting techniques. Listeners will also learn how to make gin in their own kitchens with just a handful of natural ingredients. We’d love to see the ways you’re getting involved with nature. Send us your photos, drawings, videos – anything that shows you enjoying wildlife where you are. Share on social media, using the hashtag #BerkeleyBringingNatureHome.
  • 3. Looking to the Skies with Kent Wildlife Trust

    Birdwatching has joined the list of the nation’s favourite pastimes. According to The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), higher numbers of Brits are now keen to learn more about various bird species and ways of identifying them, as well as feeding and providing them with suitable homes. This winter, Berkeley is joined once again by Kent Wildlife Trust ecologist Marie Dipple, who will explain how to spot different types of birds by their flying pattern, habitat and song, as well as offering some guidance on what can be done to help the birds mid-season. If you're joining in with the RSPB's Big School's Birdwatch 2021, this could be a handy guide to teach you to identify your local feathered friends.
  • 4. Creative Nature with Maggy Woodley

    Hosted by Maggy Woodley, author and creator of the craft blog (and YouTube channel) Red Ted Art, the latest episode of Bringing Nature Home provides a guide to using nature within crafting, both inside the home and while out and about in the Kentish countryside.Maggy’s easy-to-follow tutorials guide through activities that appeal to all age groups, from creating fairy houses and leaf print art, to photography and collages, inspiring the next generation of crafters. Spending time in nature has shown to have real benefits to children of all ages[1]. Outdoor play fosters children’s intellectual, emotional, social and physical development, allowing them to experience an ever-changing and free-flowing environment that stimulates all the senses. It also offers ‘secret learning opportunities’, as Maggy identifies within the podcast, teaching them problem solving and creative thinking – with a touch of mathematics.For more on Maggy, visit
  • 5. Get Cooking with Rosie Birkett

    Two expert foodies have come together in a new podcast which celebrates Kentish produce and how to use them to their best, showcasing a fresh look at hosting friends and family this summer with a variety of seasonal tips and tricks to bring to the table.  The latest episode of ‘Bringing Nature Home’ sees Rosie Birkett, award-winning food writer & author, in conversation with Sebastien Gagnebe, chef at Sevenoaks restaurant and deli Brisket & Barrel, discussing the art of sourcing local, what to look out for this season, Kent’s hidden foodie gems, and how to dazzle family and friends with a few mouth-watering (and surprisingly easy) masterpieces this summer. Using food grown locally is scientifically proven to taste superior, is more nutritious and is better for the environment, with research showing that the average fresh food item travels 1,500 miles to arrive on our dinner table[1]. Consuming food and drinks made closer to home is also an investment in the local community, such as with small businesses like Brisket & Barrel.