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Superted (1983): A childhood cartoon favourite

Season 4, Ep. 9

This week we look at Superted, a Welsh kids' book series turned into a much-loved TV show. There's a quiz and music from Chris Boddington. Listen to more from Chris here Chris Boddington Music: Home

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  • 9. The Family Ness (1984) & Jimbo & The Jet Set (1986)

    Brett and Cliff look at two kids TV favourites from the 1980s, with a delayed episode recorded in late June. There's also a kids TV quiz and music from Ekranoplan/Winter Severity Index with Jackie Down the Line.
  • 8. The Caretaker (1963)

    A curio from the early 1960s as Harold Pinter translates his Tony Award-winning play into a move and the stars, Donald Pleasance, Robert Shaw and Alan Bates, reprise their roles. It's a claustrophobic phycho-drama played out between two brothers and the homeless man they've taken in. There's also a quiz about caretaker managers and music from Small Black Arrows with Trojan Horse.
  • 7. Fallout (2024)

    We're back! After a six-week break, Brett and Cliff are dragged back to the podcast to discuss Falllout, the TV based on the game. There's an atomic quiz and music from Fourmarks, too.
  • 6. Neil Young & Crazy Horse Zuma (1975)

    Looking at one of Cliff's favourite albums, Neil Young & Crazy Horse's 1975 album Zuma. With a quiz about child stars and music from Stevie Leon with Arrest.
  • 4. Cluedo (1990-1993): TV gameshow based on the board game

    Richard Madeley presents Cluedo, a British TV gameshow based on the board game of the same name. Two teams of celebrity sleuths try to solve the mystery of a murder, played out by actors hamming it up. There's also a quiz and music from Ekranoplan, with the Winter Severity Index remix of White Shoes.
  • 3. Cape Fear (1962)

    Brett and Cliff look at the original version of one of their favourite films, Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear. This 1962 version stars Robertr Mitchum and Gregory Peck. There's also a quiz and music from Matt McManamon.
  • 2. The Brittas Empire (1991-97)

    Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie plays Gordon Brittas, an obnoxious leisure centre owner in this 1990s British sitcom. There's also a quiz from Cliff and music from The Shop Window.
  • 1. So, Peter Gabriel (1986)

    Revisiting Brett's favourite album of the 80s, Peter Gabriel's So. There's also a survival quiz and music from Amateur Ornithologist.
  • 37. Christmas song special

    Brett and Cliff are joined by Luke from the Mariners for a festive ramble though their favourite Christmas songs, with Luke's band supplying the song to close the episode, Chaotic Crazy Christmas.