cover art for Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights (2002)

Brett & Cliff's Flea Circus: A movie and TV podcast

Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights (2002)

Season 4, Ep. 17

Discussing the debut album from Interpol, Turn on the Bright Lights. Music comes from Holly Rees.

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  • 3. Cape Fear (1962)

    Brett and Cliff look at the original version of one of their favourite films, Martin Scorsese's Cape Fear. This 1962 version stars Robertr Mitchum and Gregory Peck. There's also a quiz and music from Matt McManamon.
  • 2. The Brittas Empire (1991-97)

    Red Dwarf's Chris Barrie plays Gordon Brittas, an obnoxious leisure centre owner in this 1990s British sitcom. There's also a quiz from Cliff and music from The Shop Window.
  • 1. So, Peter Gabriel (1986)

    Revisiting Brett's favourite album of the 80s, Peter Gabriel's So. There's also a survival quiz and music from Amateur Ornithologist.
  • 37. Christmas song special

    Brett and Cliff are joined by Luke from the Mariners for a festive ramble though their favourite Christmas songs, with Luke's band supplying the song to close the episode, Chaotic Crazy Christmas.
  • 36. Wonders In Letterland (1985): The first appearance of kids TV favorite T-Bag

    A look at an 80s favourite T Bag, but not in the guise we remember. There's a tea-based quiz and music from The Heavy North.
  • 35. Wogan (1983-93): A look at the broadcaster's all conquering chat show

    A shallow dive into Terry Wogan's talk show, discussing some of the memorable guests and the great man's interview style. Music comes from MAZE with Actions
  • 34. Cash on Demand (1961)

    Looking at Hammer's 1961 Cash on Demand. A gem of a thriller with two increadible leading performances. There's a quiz and music from Manchester band, The Juice.
  • 33. John Carpenter's Suburban Screams (2023)

    John Carpenter returns to the screen for the first time in more than a decade with Suburban Screams. The horror master exec produced the mystery-based true crime anthology, directing the final episode. We discuss the first show of the series, Kelly. Music comes from Slick Pete Flash with universe (Full of Stars).
  • 32. Automan (1983)

    Automan is a 1983 TV show from Glen A Larsen (Knightrider, Battlestar Galactica) and takes the effects pioneered in Tron and puts them in a detective show. Hammy acting, corny dialogue and improbable plotting ensue.Music comes from Willy Bo Walker.