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Creative in Brokenness - with guest, Annmarie Miles

Ep. 9

Find out what triggered Annmarie's depression and eating issues and how she now copes.

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  • 38. Bobbie Cole talking Flesh on Bare Bones

    Hear award-winning author, Bobbie Ann Cole talk about writing Midrash, biblical fiction and putting flesh on bare bones. Why should you attend a free writing workshop? Listen and find out.Please buy me a coffee here.
  • 37. Talking about Book Blest Christian book festival

    BOOK BLEST is the fist Christian Book Festival for Stroud in Gloucestershire and possibly the first in the UK. Here Brendan tell the story behind it and explain what events will be happening on 4th & 5th November 2022.Visit the BOOK BLEST website here buy me a coffee here.
  • 36. Steve Bonenburger in Conversation

    Steve Bonenburger is a big picture kind of guy, with a list of creative skills and talents almost as long as the genealogy of Jesus. Steve joins Brendan in conversion about his remarkable life - you will be inspired.PLEASE BUY ME A COFFEEVISIT BRENDAN'S WEBSITE
  • 35. Poetic Pause - Popcorn Poetry & Testimony

    Join Brendan for this Popcorn Poetry special as he brings you 6 new poems that could change your life. The poems are: Popcorn Poetry, Broken Wing, Fatigue, Scars, Valley and Unaware. If you enjoy this episode and would like to support this ministry, please click the link to buy me a coffee.Please buy me a coffee here.
  • 34. Creativity in the Church with Revd. Dr. Ian Paul

    Is the Church being creative enough? What can we learn from those that are doing it right? Revd Dr Ian Paul shares his thoughts and looks at the issue of so-called decline in the CofE.Please buy me a coffee here.
  • 33. Single Isn't Second Best with Philip Wilder & Connie White

    Philip & Connie both struggled in their early years with being single. They are both now happily married (not to each other) and feel that God has led them to expose the lies that people are fed and believe. Whether you are married or single, you will not want to miss this. Its time to become part of the counter culture.Please buy me a coffee here.
  • 32. Arletha Brown talking Autism & Healing Coaching

    Arletha is a parent to an autistic child. She has transitioned through her own healing and now helps others on their journey.Please buy me a coffee here.
  • 31. Julianna Kustelski creating a charity

    Julianna lives with a rare, life-limiting illness - LEMS. It has almost taken her life on numerous occasions, but Julianna is a warrior. How has she fought back? Hear her story now.Please buy me a coffee here.
  • 30. Natasha Woodcraft in Conversation

    Natasha talks about how she started writing and where it has led her. If you are considering writing that book, this will inspire you.Please buy me a coffee here.