Joe Dalton


The cost of cowardice to human spirit

This week Joe Dalton chats with Lisa Temple.

The Transhumanist and New World Order Ideology is forcefully imposing itself upon the global community. We discuss the impact this has on the individual and their spirit. Lisa discusses how the core driver for this is the deep envy (phthónos ) that the Globalists have of human spirit and free will. 

Lisa is a Mother of two daughters, a qualified and practicing Arbitrator and a Grand Master of Yoga and Hatha Meditation. She is a Linguist and has lived for many years in Asia and Europe. She is passionate about the importance of free will and has a deep interest in philosophy and the essence of what it means to be human. 

Lisa has a wide range of experience in Business, Training, Law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

She has developed, delivered and certified  training courses for Education, Corporate, Aviation, Military, and Police. She  certified over 60 professionals in Applied Yoga, Meditation and Stress Management.

She is an Ambassador for the Yoga Alliance International and Meditation Alliance International. 

As an Arbitrator, she applies a holistic approach to disputes. 

She is is focused on assisting individuals in avoiding lengthy and expensive Court litigation which she believes is deeply damaging to victims and their families. 

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