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The Cabal part two. Bloodline

Susan is a Christian writer whose articles have appeared in the European Review, UN Vision, Washington Times, Capital Research Center's Organizational Trends.

she founded and edited the European Review, which became the departmental publication for the Centre for European Studies at Essex. served as Senior Research Fellow for the Atlantic Council of the UK and was Essex representative on the NATO Universities Advisory Committee. After graduation, she wrote speeches for UK Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Howard.

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Who does the legal system really serve?

Part 1 Following the huge response from all over the world to her recent interview on the Cost of Cowardiceto Human Spirit we asked Lisa to come back and tell her remarkable journey through the Family Law, Civil Law, and Criminal Courts , Gardai and Bank of Ireland over the past 12 years. Lisa fled back to Ireland in the snow of 2010 with two small childrenand three suitcases believing that the Irish Courts and Gardai would protect her and her children. What unfolded was a horrific 13 years of systemic failings and abuse due to corruption, incompetence and cruelty during which she had to work, be a mum and study law to protect her children. She experienced death threats violence and assault. During this she returned to UCD to study Arbitration and law while setting up her own business and Yoga Therapy Studio. She helped many families and victims of abused men, women and children and offered them peaceful and dignified closure away from the toxic court system. Despite all of this she demonstrates greatcompassionategood humour as she explains the challengesfacing us all as we rely on a system in which rarely any individual is everheld accountable for their actions. She discovered the theatre that is the Court System of Ireland and State agencies whosecomplex processes and agencies are set up to re-tumatise and revictimise vulnerable people while legal teams profit and often contribute to already difficult circumstances. Lisa brings you through this difficult journeywith great insight and compassion and explains how when you have to stand up to some of the most powerful people in State positions they wieldlong arms and hidden hands. On June8th 2018 Lisa was brought to her knees by betrayal and suffered severeharm loss and post traumaticstress.. She is gratefulfor her own training in Meditation and Yoga on which she relied upon in her own journey of healing and now feels her story may assist others. She hopes this interview which we present in4 parts will be a call to action to those individuals who work in the system and see it's abuse but feel disempowered to stand up and for victims to realise they are not alone. Lisa skillfully draws comparison to her experience and what we are all collectively experiencing right now at this crossroads for humanity. We thank Lisa for her courage and her daughters and we hope you find it of assistance.