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Sean Weafer, Embracing the feminine & become high trust influencer

Season 3, Ep. 2

Sean Weafer is an international speaker, business influence coach, author and creator of the High Trust Influencer series of programs and the Embracing the Feminine concept.

The High Trust Influencer series turns professionals into highly trusted presenters and speakers, networkers, business developers and co-creative leaders who rely on their ability to build deep rapport and influence co-creative outcomes with clients and colleagues rather than just relying on their expertise. With the rise of AI in business the ability to influence will become more valued than simple expertise. Sean's Embracing the Feminine is about his personal mission to balance business and society through a greater appreciation and valuing of Feminine energies and values, rather than exclusively Masculine values which is creating an imbalance in the world. 

I have had the privilege to spend time with and interview some amazing leaders over the years.

As they share their stories of life and business I find out what makes them the people they are. I'm honored to share their stories with you

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