Joe Dalton


Paul-Michel Ledoux , From war reporter to corporate videographer

Season 3, Ep. 6

Paul-Michel Ledoux is a Belgian photographer and videographer. He cut his teeth as a war reporter and documentary maker for broadcasters such at BBC, CNN, Reuters, WTN & APTN. His work has taken him to over fifty countries and to some of the worlds most war-torn areas.

Public institutions, televisions and large corporate companies in Europe, most notably in Brussels & Dublin, have commissioned Paul-Michel’s video work. His approach focuses on content marketing, storytelling and documentary work where he uses real life example to inspire and change perception. He believes that sincerity matters to people and that corporate trust and responsibility will lead tomorrow’s client’s choices.


Paul-Michel says: “The way we see things changes the ways we live them… the proof is in the story.

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Dr. Francis Valloor, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author, International

Season 4, Ep. 13
In this episode, Joe Dalton speaks with Dr. Francis Valloor.Francis is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist working in both public and private settings.Francis studied philosophy, psychology, journalism and religious studies, achieving Doctor of Psychology, and a Post-Doctorate Fellowship in Psychopharmacology at top universities in India and the United States.In 1990, Francis was invited to continue the work of Anthony de Mello, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our times, in his internationally renowned Sadhana Institute of Counselling & Spirituality. There, Francis developed the full time residential Masters degree program in psychotherapy and spirituality.He continued at Director of Sadhana until 2004, taking just six months out in January 1999 to fill the prestigious role of Scholar in Residence at the Marquette University in the US.In 2004, Francis left for the US as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Notre Dame where he wrote his first book on awareness, “A Dewdrop in the Ocean – Wisdom Stories for Turbulent Times” followed by “The Ocean in the Dewdrop – Awakening the Sage Within”.Francis offers workshops and retreats on Awareness/Mindfulness to various groups including CEOs, Corporates and Private Retreats in Europe, the US and India.Specialties Include: Certification in Holotropic Breathwork, Focusing, Dreamwork, Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, Ericksonian Hypnosis, NLP, Enneagram and various body-oriented approaches. Treatment of depression, anxiety, grief, stress, trauma and relationship issues.