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Ep 5: Interview with Wayne Sullivan from Dentpro and Greg Fry Social Media Strategist.

On this show we speak to the man behind the very successful business Dentpro. Dentpro is a unique and professional Dent removal service and Greg Fry one of Irelands leading Social Media Strategist 

Breakthrough Brands, the show that tells you how entrepreneurial DNA is rebooting the country, one successful start-up at a time.
In this series we’ll demystify the process of starting up your own enterprise and growing it into a successful business by sharing the inspirational, educational and entertaining real life experiences of ordinary business people who have taken control of their own destinies by doing what they love, setting up their own businesses, and making a success of it.

Each programme features a positive story of economic growth and success as we go behind the scenes of a highly successful business, discover what it takes to make the breakthrough.

In each episode, the BREAKTHROUGH BRANDS crew will interview a business owner -The history of their brand, what is unique about their story and why they chose to go into business. How they had to pivot and adapt to survive the start-up phase and made the breakthrough and how the business is now growing and evolving.

Here we get the up-close and personal stories of what it takes to start a business, where then get their funding, what motivates them to do it, what makes an entrepreneur and why some start-ups succeed while the majority, either by choice or circumstance, never make it past the start up- line.

The episodes will be full of good advice,. Discovering what businesses make the breakthrough and why.
Ask the Guru - What Marketing or sales channels can help the business move forward.

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