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Ep 21: Self-driven Alysia Silberg tells her story on how her company is helping entrepreneurs.

Alysia has been a  leading data marketer, serial entrepreneur, strategist, mentor, motivational speaker, mathematician and co-owner of multiple successful enterprises, which she has helped establish and incubate over the past 15 years. 

More recently, Alysia's passion for empowering and connecting people has culminated in the creation of a world class partner ecosystem, fostering a vast number of successful relationships within the Global Entrepreneur, Investor and Venture Capital communities.

Alysia’s passion for empowering those around her can also be evidenced by the outpouring of support for her TEDxGlobalWoman2015 talk. which has been incredibly well received and has inspired women and men from across the globe to Step up, reach out and take their dreams into their own hands.

Alysia is able to expose her global community of Entrepreneurs, at all stages of business growth, to some of the best investment minds from across the world, providing them with invaluable feedback, know-how and exposure when it comes to sourcing investment for their enterprises.


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