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The Breakdown with Jamali Maddix

Scroobius Pip

Season 1, Ep. 4

Scroobius Pip is known for his hip hop, spoken word poetry, and more recently his Distraction Pieces podcast. Pip is a hardworking guy, and tells Jamali about the sacrifices he's made in pursuing his passions. He's basically a legend with a great outlook on life. If Pip can't motivate you to get out there and do something, then nobody can... Download, listen and enjoy!

Created by The Hook with World Piece

Music by Kool Kieth

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  • 10. Mo Gilligan

    Mo is a stand-up comedian, TV personality and creator of some of the funniest videos on social media. Mo and Jamali chat about their comedy influences, how Mo shot to fame with his online videos, and what Big Narstie thinks of his 'tight' jeans. It's the last episode of this series so download, listen and enjoy. We'll be back!Created by The Hook and World PieceMusic by Kool
  • 9. Rick Edwards

    Rick Edwards is an author and TV presenter with a back catalogue including Tool Academy, Science(ish) and Freshly Squeezed. He sits down with Jamali to talk about his career to date, including how he went from being a Maths student to a face on Channel 4. Rick is a great guy, so download, listen and enjoy!Created by The Hook and World PieceMusic by Kool Keith
  • 8. Tom Davis

    Tom Davis is a comedian and actor. He co-created and starred in Murder in Successville. Tom and Jamali chat about how he made it into comedy and the challenges that he's face along the way. It's a fun one, so download, listen and enjoy.
  • 7. Ghetts

    Ghetts is a rapper from East London. He came on the show to talk to Jamali about his latest album Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament, which comes eleven years after the classic Ghetto Gospel was released. In a very honest interview, Ghetts shares his thoughts on Grime today, talks about clashes from his past, and gives an insight into how his song writing methods. It's a good one, so download, listen and enjoy.We'll be taking a few weeks off after this episode, but come don't stray too far as we will be back!Created by The Hook with World PieceMusic by Kool Keith
  • 6. Stewart Lee

    Stewart Lee is a stand-up comedian, writer and director with a career spanning almost three decades. Stewart and Jamali chat all things comedy, including his involvement in the critically acclaimed Jerry Springer opera, and the controversy that came with it, the evolution of comedy and Stewart’s first steps into the arena. Stewart’s a humble and funny guy, if you’ve not seen his stuff then you should go out of the way to do so. Download, listen, enjoy.Created by The Hook with World PieceMusic by Kool Keith 
  • 5. Reggie Yates

    Reggie Yates has been on our screens since he was eight years old. After starting out on Disney Club, he went on to be a host on Top of the Pops, gave a voice to Radio 1, and more recently we've been enjoying his documentaries. Reggie has done it all, and it has left him with a unique perspective on what he does and why he does it. Download, listen, and enjoy.Next week our guest will be none other than Stewart Lee.Created by The Hook with World PieceMusic by Kool Keith
  • 3. Grace Neutral

    Grace Neutral is a TV presenter known for Beyond Beauty and more recently Needles and Pins. She's also a model and hand-poke tattoo artist, running her own studio, Femme Fatale, in London. But most importantly Grace is great company. She sits down with Jamali to discuss tattoos and body modifications. If eyeball tattoos are your thing, then you've come to the right place.Created by The Hook and World PieceMusic by Kool Keith
  • 2. Iain Stirling

    Iain Stirling is a comedian, the voice of Love Island and now an author. Jamali and Iain go deep on Love Island and we learn what it's like being the voice behind it. But what about millennials eh? Iain has some fascinating insights into why it's such a weird generation to be a part of, and don't even get him started on social media. It's a good one, so turn it up and enjoy!Produced by The Hook with World PieceMusic by Kool Keith