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What is Pause Breathwork?

Season 2, Ep. 14

"Pause Breathwork is a method where we use continual breath to breakdown emotions in the body and shift stagnant or stuck energy. ​It's our breath and it's so accessible."

-Marni Singh

​Marni is a Breathwork and Reiki Master in Vancouver, Canada facilitating her clients to ​feel.​ She talks about how numb she was before she found Pause Breathwork, and how this modality not only helped her see she was numb, AND help her to ​feel, but also shift her out of "all-or-nothing" thinking.

She explains what this style of breathwork is, and what to expect. And good news, you don't need to live in Vancouver to have a session with her where she can facilitate a session and leave you with a practice to do on your own, anywhere, anytime! 

Show Notes:

Marni Singh Insta: marnisingh_

Wim Hof

Sam Skelly Pause Breathwork: The Journey


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