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September Update

"Personality is something we create to try to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved. Individuality is who we actually are."

-Irene Lyon (paraphrased from)

​Today's podcast episode is an update on my RTT practice, the podcast, and what I've been up to during the COVID hiatus.

My obsession with individuality and authenticity continues and I've found the most powerful aid in this pursuit to be RTT and educating myself on my nervous system.  Mind + Body. (right?!)

The next next podcast season will start soon and I've realized I've outgrown Season 1 - so I'll be deleting all episodes up until March 22, 2020. If you had any favorites, now is your time to go and download them :)

My website will also be getting a refresh with some new photos and words...and I've decided to remove the Commitment Secrets program as well as The Craving Solution. If you purchased them, now is your time to download the videos and workbooks and save them to your computer.

September 30 is the deadline my friend to download all those items. 

September is the real New Year, right? Starting fresh...

Calendar openings available in October to see if RTT is for you:


Show Notes:

Irene Lyon:

Medical Medium Anthony William Liver Cleanse:

Cleanse to Heal


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