Brain Boss


Integrate. Rest. Reflect.

Season 2, Ep. 10

"What are you pretending to not know?"

-Cady Macon, Season 2, EP 9, Brain Boss 

We are coming into the final weeks of Season 2 for Brain Boss and instead of rushing forward, I thought it would be great to pause and reflect.

This is something I've been endeavoring to do more of in my daily life and learnings. 

Pause. Reflect. INTEGRATE. 

It's crucial to moving forward.

Show Notes:

Irene Lyon's Work:

Smart Body Smart Mind. Truly, the best online course I've ever taken. 

21-day Tune up

You Tube channel with free content. 

No affiliation here, ha ha, just a pure advocate for her teachings.

​Coming up in the last few weeks of this season we have a conversation with a Theta Healer, Psych-K + Emotion Code practitioner, Bio-Tuning whiz, and a Breathwork facilitator.

Lots more to come in helping you tune in to yourself, remove blocks (subconscious, or conscious) and live more authentically. 

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