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Eyes are the Window to the Soul

Season 2, Ep. 3

A conversation with Fabienne Corinne Thommen, Optician, Vision Trainer, and RTT Therapist who helps people improve and recover their vision.

We talk about how some people create a need for glasses in their mind as a protection system and I think this perfectly describes my fascination with trying to improve my eyesight naturally.

I could just go get laser eye surgery ... but to me, that's missing the point. I want to understand myself better and understand why I created a need for protection.

It's not like I had a traumatic childhood - far from it! But I love this definition of trauma from Psychology Today:

trauma is.... "anything that's too much, too soon, or too fast for our nervous system to handle, especially if we can't reach successful resolution."

If you wear glasses, and are also curious about why and what layer it may reveal for you, check out Fabienne's program starting soon!

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