Brain Boss


Episode 4: All-or-nothing mindset is sabotaging your results

Today on Brain Boss I talk about having an all-or-nothing mindset and why perfectionism sabotages our weight loss goals.


I provide 2 tools:


  1. How to interrupt the cycle of eating when you aren’t hungry (stop mindless snacking)


  1. What to do if you do sabotage, and how to get quickly back on track


This episode is perfect for anyone who starts the day with good intentions of eating perfectly all day but starts to unravel after 3pm.


Don’t forget to download the free cheat sheet: 6 Steps to Crush a Craving (or stop mindless snacking).


If you are interested in having a better relationship with food, stop self sabotaging, and stay committed to your weight loss goal, then this episode is for you!

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