Brain Boss


Episode 3: How To Rewire Your Brain To Stop Self Sabotage

Today on Brain Boss I’m sharing one of the pillar BRAIN TOOLS I teach my clients to put a stop to self-sabotage. If you only practice 1 tool I teach, let it be this one. It gets to the core of any problem, providing an antidote, not just a band-aid.


Once I learned this tool, it totally changed how I approach weight loss and totally changed my relationship with food. It brought me so much freedom and I hope it will for you too!


This episode is perfect for anyone who has ever wondered why they sabotage their hard work on their weight loss journey and want to learn how to overcome it.


If you are interested in having a better relationship with food, stop self sabotaging, and stay committed to your weight loss goal, then this episode is for you!

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