Box of Delights

  • 8. Six Feet Under

    TV producer Geri O'Donohoe remembers the utterly heart-wrenching finale to Six Feet Under and the personal resonance it particularly holds for her.
  • 1. Rik Mayall: the first Comic Relief

    Comedian Mitch Benn talks to Julia about the time he saw the mighty Rik Mayall at the first ever Comic Relief live show in 1986.
  • 6. Succession: the Dundee episode

    Brilliant actor and star of Home (C4) Youssef Kerkour joins Julia to recount the thrilling, often excruciating episode of Succession in which Logan Roy (Brian Cox) returns to his home town in Scotland.
  • 5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Writer and podcaster Chris Thorpe-Tracey joins Julia to discuss his deep love for the 90s blood-sucker butt-kicker.
  • 4. 1980s Levi's Jeans Ads

    Novelist Jenny Colgan remembers the pure teen lust generated by Nick Kamen stripping to his pants in a launderette.
  • 3. Ghostwatch

    Christmas is a time for ghost stories, so let's tenuously link to that by listening to the brilliant Tony Way reminisce about the bone-chilling terror induced by his viewing of Ghostwatch (BBC One) as a slightly tipsy teenager.
  • 2. Doctor Who: Death of Adric

    Julia helps comedian Mitch Benn to revisit the trauma of that day in 1982 when his innocence was swiftly taken by the death of Doctor Who companion, Adric.
  • 1. Ivor the Engine

    Podcaster and man Jake Yapp barely controls his emotions as he returns to the Wales of his boyhood to weep over Small Films' delicate wonder, Ivor the Engine.
  • 26. Blind Date: the undercover journalist

    Writer and broadcaster Sali Hughes remembers the furore around the Blind Date fake contestant scandal of 1998 and reveals some thrilling new behind-the-scenes details.