Inside Stonewall with Nancy Kelley

Season 4, Ep. 2

It's Pride Month, and we're so pleased to share this episode with the powerhouse that is Nancy Kelley, CEO of Stonewall. She opens up about the gravity of being CEO in the current climate, the impact of abusive trolls on her and the rest of the Stonewall team, and sheds light on the positive work they continue to do despite it all. Stonewall have been a game-changer and leader in LGBTQ+ rights in the UK and that remains true today - including their staunch support of trans rights.

Check out Stonewall online, email your MP to ask them to support a full ban on conversion therapy, and read more about some of the amazing projects they're working now. You'll find more links about topics we've covered on our website at

We're also so proud to share that our project with the Museum of Liverpool has now LAUNCHED! Read more here, and visit the LGBTQ+ Audio Trail next time you're in town!

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