The World Crisis and International Law

Season 1, Ep. 13

Episode #13 of Borderlines features distinguished international economic law scholar Paul B. Stephan discussing his new book, The World Crisis and International Law: The Knowledge Economy and the Battle for the Future. Professor Stephan (Virginia) joins host Professor Katerina Linos (Berkeley) for a fascinating look at how the limits of international law are tested and found wanting in the era of globalization. The development of the tech economy in the 1990s changed historic international institutions, creating fissures between nations that demand new forms of international cooperation in the face of global crises. Don’t miss these renowned experts as they examine Putin’s misjudgment of response to Ukraine one year after the invasion, and reveal that both the Trump and Biden administrations are more protectionist and populist then their predecessors. From free trade to open borders, listeners will come away with a new perspective on the Information Age and what the future may hold for economic liberalism and the rule of law. 

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Irving Tragen, 100 Years of Development

Season 1, Ep. 9
Episode #9 of Borderlines features legendary U.S. Foreign Service Officer and Latin American expert Irving G. Tragen on the occasion of his 100th birthday, in conversation about his life and legacy with Berkeley Law’s newly-named Tragen Professor of Law, Dr. Katerina Linos. Drawing on more than 55 years of distinguished public service in Inter-American Affairs, Irving Tragen recounts his fascinating journey as a law student during WWII overcoming hearing impairment, through his frontline State Department diplomatic assignments as a witness to and influencer of labor laws, labor relations, and economic development across the Western Hemisphere. Mr. Tragen was an integral part of President John F. Kennedy’s Alliance for Progress initiative, as well as the Organization of American States’ Economic Development Program efforts to tackle debt and foreign trade crises, secure border area infrastructure projects, and combat international drug trafficking. Listeners will benefit from Mr. Tragen’s brilliant mini-briefings on nations from Chile to Costa Rica, and enjoy insider stories from history’s hotspots.Timely lessons and timeless advice about investing in workforce education, and bringing respect to the table so as to successfully help people help themselves, are further highlights of this remarkable interview. Learn why Berkeley Law bestowed the Citation Award, its highest honor, on Mr. Tragen in 2010 for his exceptional leadership skills, character, and lifetime of achievements.Borderlines from Berkeley Law is a podcast about global problems in a world fragmented by national borders. Our host is Katerina Linos, Tragen Professor of International Law and co-director of the Miller Institute for Global Challenges and the Law. In each episode of Borderlines, Professor Linos invites experts to discuss cutting edge issues in international law.