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097 | Aligning Organization’s Unique Values With Strategic Goals | Creating Culture-Driven Companies | John Waid

Season 1, Ep. 97

 John Waid and Manuj Aggarwal discuss culture-driven entrepreneurship and its importance in this brand new episode of Bootstrapping Your Dreams Show.


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 In this episode, we will learn about:


· What is corporate culture

· What is culture-driven entrepreneurship

· Differences between culture, identity, and brand

· Why is it important employee retention

· How to create values that aligns with your goals

· KISS principle to generate values for your organization. 

· Launching your first business

· Typical mistakes entrepreneurs do

· Practicing habits to success


About John Waid


John Waid is the Founder and CEO of C3 - Corporate Culture Consulting, a firm specializing in aligning an organization's culture with its strategic goals. John has worked in sales and marketing at Pfizer, PepsiCo, Nestle, and Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. During these experiences, he developed a heightened awareness of the indispensable role, people's attitudes play in implementing effective processes and procedures.


This interest led him to study behavior in corporate settings and to work as a behavior consultant. Because behaviors don't exist in a vacuum, John examined and analyzed the effects of corporate culture on behavior and found his real purpose in life, as a pioneering expert on that subject. He understands the direct link between a company's culture and its performance. As a globally recognized expert on corporate culture, he leads companies to define their values clearly and then build positive and purposeful behaviors focused on results.


John Waid holds a Bachelor in Economics and Political Science from Furman University and an MBA from the University of South Carolina. He speaks fluently English, Spanish and Portuguese.



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