Simon Mayo's Books Of The Year


Q&A with CK McDonnell (The Stranger Times)

Season 4, Ep. 23

Comedian and author CK McDonnell tells us about some of his favourite books and authors - which include Simon Mayo, Terry Pratchett, Simon Mayo, Gary Delaney, Simon Mayo, Rick Wakeman, Simon Mayo and Don Winslow

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Tom Bradby: Yesterday's Spy

Season 5, Ep. 7
Tom Bradby is a novelist, screenwriter and journalist. He has written nine previous novels, including top-ten bestselling Secret Service, and its two sequels, Double Agent and Triple Cross. As a broadcaster, he is best known as the current Anchor of ITV's News at Ten. He has been with ITN for thirty years and was successively Ireland Correspondent, Political Correspondent, Asia Correspondent (during which time he was shot and seriously injured whilst covering a riot in Jakarta), Royal Correspondent, UK Editor and Political Editor- a job he held for a decade - before being made the Anchor of News at Ten in 2015His latest novel is Yesterday's Spy. Set against the backdrop of one of the defining events of the Cold War.Nothing good ever comes from a midnight phone call. For washed-up spy Harry Tower, it is the worst news at the worst possible time. His son, Sean, has gone missing in troubled Iran after writing an exposé about government corruption. Their relationship has never recovered since Harry's wife's suicide, for which Sean holds his father responsible. And Harry, with his career on the verge of disintegration, needs to find him and put things right. When Harry arrives in Tehran, he finds a city on the cusp of revolution. Foreign powers are jockeying for influence, money and, most importantly, oil. The CIA are conspiring to undermine the government with an impending coup, and there are dark mutterings about opium smuggling. But the reasons for Sean's disappearance may be even more sinister than Harry first suspected. Before long, he is on the run - not only from a faceless enemy, but from his own past. Which will catch up with him first?, Yesterday’s Spy is a story that is rich in intrigue and history and will keep readers guessing until the final pages.