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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference - Flossie Donnelly

Ep. 59
You can hear how much I enjoyed this chat with Flossie Donnelly on all things beach cleaning! The name Jeremy will forever have a new meaning… Stay up to date with her ventures on Instagram@Flossieandthebeachcleaners! and you can find out more about their workshops on their website Don't forget to rate, review, share, and if you can, please support this podcast on Patreon ( More on:[04:30] Getting to know Flossie and how she learned about plastic waste.[08:10] How the beach cleans started and how often they go.[10:45] The most common waste items they find.[11:55] What they do with intact clothes & objects they save.[16:25] What Flossie thinks needs to change so people aren’t discarding as much waste on the beach.[19:20] How the name came about.[22:50] Makingenvironmentalism a core subjectin schools.[26:40] Flossie’s experience of adults treating her or her activism differently because of her age.[31:05] Some of the more unusual items Flossie has found on cleans![36:10] Random Questions.Don't forget to please tosign and share this petitionto make environmentalism a core subject in secondary schools.To find a clean up community, as well as Flossie you can check outClean Coasts,Climate Love Ireland,Understoryor search the web for ‘local clean up group’. You’ll be surprised as to what’s already near you!Check outJiminyorReuzifor a litter picker. And listen to their episodes too#9or#8.RTÉ Flossie Programme.

Bottom Trawling, Sawfish, & Dugongs – Ruth Leeney

Ep. 57
Past interviewee& marine biologist Ruth Leeney, has made herself quite busy since speaking to her last in June 2020. Have a listen to that episode, 32,here!Now we're here to chat about her upcoming book campaigns, bottom trawling and some of the animals she is working so hard to conserve. You can follow her on Instagram@ruleeney.[05:30] An intro to Ruth & what she's been up to this past year.[08:55] Dugongs &the book she'swritten about them.[14:25] Her sawfish book she'scurrently crowdfunding for, & all about sawfish.[20:15] How their populations are doing now.[23:50] What’s threatening them.[30:15] What we can do to help.[37:35] Seaspiracy reaction.[41:00] Random Questions!Before you go, have a look at the links below as some calls to action might tickle your fancy!Support her kickstarterhere.Check out the new coalition that isTransform Bottom Trawlingthat Ruth is a part of. They have some really useful info and graphics that you can download and it's available in several languages.Find the pre-existing book about Dugongshere.For people interested in learning about sawfishes, they can check out theSawfish Conservation Society.This is the summaryof a report Ruth worked on regarding bottom trawling and climate change, or if you have the brain power for the full report, you can find thathere!Here's a petitionrequesting the EU to ban bottom trawling.Sea Change Ireland, TheIrish Wildlife Trust,Sea Shepherd, Extinction Rebellion & Animal Rebellion were all mentioned as groups working to end bottom trawling practices & increase Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).Seal Rescue Irelandis another great charity to support and you can also listen to them in a previous Book of Leaves episode,here!

The Power of Reusable Coffee Cups - Sorcha, Conscious Cup Campaign

Ep. 53
For episode 53 I go back to the basics of environmental issues and talk about the infamous single use polluter: disposable coffee cups. For this, there's none other to talk to other than Sorcha Kavanagh from The Conscious Cup Campaign. This is a programme not just encouraging individuals to bring a reuseable cup, but encouraging cafés and businesses to drive the change forward and lead by example. Follow the Conscious Cup Campaign on Twitter @CCCampaign_Irl or Instagram @consciouscupcampaign.Stay tuned behind the scenes of this podcast by following on Instagram @Bookofleavespodcast, Twitter @BookofLeavesPod or Facebook. Don't forget to rate, review, share, and if you can, please support this podcast on Patreon ( More on: cover:[05:10] How the Conscious Cup Campaign started.[08:20] Sorcha’s personal journey to being eco-conscious.[11:50] Disposable cup statistics in Ireland.[16:25] Where we currently stand regarding reuseable cups and COVID.[21:45] Advice for customers on how to encourage cafés they frequent to join the campaign.[28:00] Are compostable cups much better?[31:55] In the grand scheme of the climate crisis, is having a reuseable cup really going to solve things?[35:10] Reuseable cup brand/type favourites.[37:30] Lucy O'Sullivan's 2.4km cycle for Jigsaw & The Conscious Cup Campaign along the Wild Atlantic Way Cycle. Click this link to donate!Also mentioned:Zero Waste Ireland Facebook group.Timi Nicholson.Elaine Butler.The Body Shop.Huskee cup.The Keepcup.Stojo Cup.Gather & Gather – Julia Murray.#ContactlessCoffeeDoughnut Economics by Kate Raworth book recommendation.Examples of cafés currently accepting reuseables (and many small, independent cafés are too!):StarbucksSproutCostaLolly & CooksButlers

Supporting Theatre to Inspire Climate Action - Eva O'Connor & Hildegard Ryan

Ep. 51
In episode 51 I chatted to artists Eva O'Connor and Hildegard Ryanabout using the world of theatre to spark discussion and inspire change. Their theatre company,Sunday's Child, has a play called Afloat,streaming all this month(August 2021) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I'd advise you to support it and hopefully this discussion will inspire you to make more art, or bring more art into your life!You can follow Sunday's Child Theatre on Twitter @SundaysCTheatre, Facebook or keep up to date with Eva on Instagram @evaclaireoconnor. Stay tuned behind the scenes of this podcast by following on Instagram @Bookofleavespodcast, Twitter @BookofLeavesPod or Facebook. Don't forget to rate, review, share, and if you can, please support this podcast on Patreon ( More on:[04:00] A bit about Eva & Hilde and what sparked their eco-consciousness.[08:20] Their journey to veganism.[11:40] What Afloat is about.[13:20] Stand-out climate facts found in researching the play.[21:45] A piece of art that moved them.[26:00] Other swaps to be eco conscious & how they manage their climate anxiety.[29:00] Random questions.Mentioned:Extinction Rebellion(Ireland).Black Lives Matter.Iphigenia in Splott by Gary Owen - playThe Giant Dark by Sarvat Hasin- Book.This Is Not A Drill, Extinction Rebellion Handbook.The End We Start Fromby Megan Hunter - book.