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Listening, Feminism, & Youth Involvement - Amy O'Brien

Ep. 65
For episode 65 I chatted to Amy O'Brien whom you may know from The Sustainable Sleepover Podcast (which I definitely recommend checking out if you haven't already!) about her experience as an activism campaigning for social justice from climate issues to women's rights. You can keep up to date with her on Instagram @b_amyo or find her other socials and projects here.[03.35] Who Amy is![06:00]] What instilled a love of nature in Amy.[10:35] The Sustainable Sleepover Club podcast.[14:05] Stand out moment of the podast: Episode 4 with Mitsy[16:45] What it means to listen more.[20:05] What Amy thinks needs to be done on a systemic as well as individual level to solve the climate crisis.[23:05] Amy’s experience of being treated differently as a young female activist.[27:15] What is the National Youth Assembly?[30:15] Amy’s tips for self care and preventing burn-out.[34:05] Amy’s favourite protest memory.[40:05] Random questions!Also mentioned in the episode:Comhairle na nÓg.Spun Out.Ombudsman for Children Youth Advisory PanelFridays for FutureThe Future Generations Project by National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)I Am Malala bookFeminists Don’t Wear Pink (and Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis13th DocumentaryAbolition. Feminism. Now. Book by Angela Y. Davis, Gina Dent, Erica R. Meiners, Beth E. RichieAs always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee

No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference - Flossie Donnelly

Ep. 59
You can hear how much I enjoyed this chat with Flossie Donnelly on all things beach cleaning! The name Jeremy will forever have a new meaning… Stay up to date with her ventures on Instagram@Flossieandthebeachcleaners! and you can find out more about their workshops on their website Don't forget to rate, review, share, and if you can, please support this podcast on Patreon ( More on:[04:30] Getting to know Flossie and how she learned about plastic waste.[08:10] How the beach cleans started and how often they go.[10:45] The most common waste items they find.[11:55] What they do with intact clothes & objects they save.[16:25] What Flossie thinks needs to change so people aren’t discarding as much waste on the beach.[19:20] How the name came about.[22:50] Makingenvironmentalism a core subjectin schools.[26:40] Flossie’s experience of adults treating her or her activism differently because of her age.[31:05] Some of the more unusual items Flossie has found on cleans![36:10] Random Questions.Don't forget to please tosign and share this petitionto make environmentalism a core subject in secondary schools.To find a clean up community, as well as Flossie you can check outClean Coasts,Climate Love Ireland,Understoryor search the web for ‘local clean up group’. You’ll be surprised as to what’s already near you!Check outJiminyorReuzifor a litter picker. And listen to their episodes too#9or#8.RTÉ Flossie Programme.