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  • 106. Gender Inequality in Ireland & Its Link to Climate Change - Vanessa Conroy

    Vanessa Conroy works for The National Women’s Council of Ireland in addition to being a member of Community Work Ireland and a lecturer in Maynooth. Today she'll be talking about the research Feminist Communities for Climate Justice has done into the intersection of climate action and gender inequality in Ireland. You can follow her on X @miss_Nessa_C.As always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee[04:00] Vanessa introduces herself and journey into gender studies and climate action[12:10] How does climate change & climate action affect various genders in Ireland? Care[18:15] Transport & gender in Ireland[25:20] Solutions for transport barriers to caregivers[26:55] How other marginalised genders in Ireland are affected by climate change[33:00] What can regular citizens do help achieve system change in this area?[38:30] How the traveller community in Ireland is affected by climate change[43:45] Tips for engaging with people who are sceptical of gender inequality in Ireland[47:20] Advice for people who want to get involved with Feminist Communities for Climate Justice[50:45] Meal planning & climate cafés[54:20] Imagining the futureAlso mentioned:International Dublin Gay Theatre FestivalSinead MercierMary Robinson (Mothers of Invention)Book: Climate Justice – A Manmade Problem with a Feminist SolutionBook Feminist City by Leslie KernAmnesty InternationalCATU HousingCommunity Law & Mediation groupPavee PointPDF Report of research
  • 105. Supporting Fairtrade & Reconnecting with Nature - Aidan Ring

    Aidan Ring is an artist and activist I’ve come to know through attending various climate action events together. He’s a great example of the multiple ways we can take part in making the world a better place. I've outlined below what we chat about, and you can follow him on Instagram @tornaido.fireperformer As always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee[03:00] Aidan introduces himself and the forms of activism that he does[07:15] What inspired him to become eco conscious [10:00] The rising thirst for nature-based therapy[14:30] The work of the Gaelic Woodland Project & Croí na Cré[21:20] The work of Fairtrade Ireland[39:20] Other ‘leaves’ from Aidan’s book [46:30] Imagining the futureAlso mentioned:Young Friends of the EarthEco UNESCOSave the Boyne campaignEco Therapy Network of IrelandCandlelit TalesNARA Undercover pig farm investigationNational Geographic article: This is Your Brain on NatureFuinneamh Festival
  • 104. Sharing Gardens and Making Music - Scott, Community Roots

    Scott Bryan is the co-founder of the volunteer organisation Community Roots. He also works in graphic design and has a passion for music. We'll be chatting about all the ways in which he uses his skills and interests to make his society a better place. Visit for more or follow them on Instagram @coroots_ie to stay up to donate. If you can donate to the cause, please do!As always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A CoffeeTime stamps:[03:50] An introduction from Scott & his journey into activism[09:40] The founding of community roots & what it does[15:20] What to do if people are interested in becoming co-ordinating something like this in their own locality[19:50] Their ethos of encouraging organic farming[23:10] How permaculture works and how our current food system is failing[31:30] Other ways Scott works to improve his locality via Connecting Cabra & graphic design[33:20] How music can be used to improve society[41:50] Reimagining wealth[44:50] Imagining the futureAlso mentioned:Watership Down movieCaitriona Kenny’s episode on Book of Leaves Homegrown RTE show with Community RootsGIYCarraig Dulra in Wicklow community farmConnecting CabraEoghan O'Ceannabháin & SIVE - musicians
  • 103. Swapping Clothes & Grassroots Change - Mary, Change Clothes Crumlin

    Change Clothes Crumlin (CCC) exploded on to the Dublin fashion scene in 2022. Set up by Mary & Oileán, they aim to make sure pre-loved clothing is affordable, fashionable and fun - while also empowering and educating the community on why it's important to rethink our fashion model. Check out their website for more or follow them on Instagram @changeclothescrumlin.As always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee[04:00] Mary introduces herself and her journey into sustainability[10:40] All the work CCC does [13:30] Workshops[15:10] Clothes banks[24:15] Gender and clothes repair[26:40] Tips for setting up a swap shop[34:00] Fighting classism in the pre-loved fashion scene[37:10] What changes need to happen from top down [38:30] How to support the work & future of Change Clothes Crumlin[44:45] Imagining the future
  • 102. Children's Rights & Climate Justice - Aoibhínn from Plan International

    Aoibhínn Nevin Ginnetty is currently an intern at Plan International Ireland which focuses on empowering children's rights across the globe, with a focus on gender equality. Have a listen as she shares her journey into politics and activism, and shares tips for encouraging other young people to get involved with environmental and societal action. Stay up to date with her campaign on Instagram via @sustainablysmart.plan or her personal account @aoibhwave.As always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A CoffeeTimestamps:[03:40] Aoibhínn introduces herself[08:50] Why hasn’t politics been serving adequate climate action?[10:30] The underrepresented youth in Irish politics[13:15] Aoibhínn’s experience at COP[16:55] Advice for encouraging young people in our lives to get politically active[18:10] Who Plan are[23:30] Why is gender equality linked with climate justice[26:40] Lessons learned[31:40] Aoibhínn’s other ‘leaves’ for people to add to their book[36:00] Imagining the futureAlso mentioned:Eco UnescoCEDAW - Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against WomenBeat The Clock Video
  • 101. Using Feasts & Festivals to Build Community - Sam Bishop

    Sam Bishop is the CEO of Neighbourhood Network which runs the wonderful Street Feast event due to take place this 25th & 26th of May. We’ll delve into the importance of bringing communities together in public spaces and how that helps create a climate just future. There are so many great initiatives to follow on socials but you can find them all via Neighbourhood Network's website or via their Instagram @neighbourhoodnetworkirl or @streetfeast.As always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee[01:15] Plea for Kildare Wildlife Rescue oiled birds crisis[05:45] Sam introduces himself[10:10] The positive impacts of stronger communities[14:35] What street feasts is[22:50] Tips for lowering the environmental impact of street feasts[24:50] Any stand out moments / stories from Street Feasts[26:30] What Neighbourhood Network’s aims are[30:15] How Another Love Story festival combines community, arts, and climate[35:15] Extra suggestions – cycling[39:05] Vision for the futureAlso Mentioned:Green Sod Ireland land trustWWOOFCAT Centre for Alternative TechnologiesHome Together
  • 100. Episode 100 Celebration!

    I am so lucky to be able to create this podcast and I'm beyond grateful to you, the listener, not to mention all the wonderful guests who have taught us all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A special thanks to those who have contributed on Buy Me A Coffee or Patreon. It's been a lifeline at the beginning of every season. Thank you!Timestamps:[02:00] Thank you mam![04:15] Codie’s leaf – join ISSN, listen to Patrick Kirwan’s episode, follow @rockbrookgreenschool[11:00] John Barry – democratizing college syllabus (learning about fast fashion), join a union, Left Bloc Media, ABC’s of Green Politics podcast , follow @profjohnbarry on X[21:30] Stephen’s changes thanks to Niamh’s episode & how he’s rewilding [23:30] Livia’s experience thanks to Joanna O’Dowd’s episode on clothes repair[25:30] Pat’s work inspired by Bohemian’s Football Club[26:45] Lavie’s leaf suggestion to support Riley for eco-friendly period products for individuals and businesses[30:45] Caitlin’s clip from a Fairtrade / Friends of the Earth Cuppa for Climate event. Follow her on @wastelesswanderess [36:05] Cian Prenderville’s, of Rupture Media, leaf! Book recommendation All We Want Is The Earth by Patrick Bresnihan[41:15] Suggestions for guests from Aoife & Adam on music & war[43:15] Aoife’s realisation that every action counts (see her vlog on YouTube)[47:40] Draw for the hamper & exciting announcements![50:00] My advice for you if you want to start a podcast or community initiative.[53:40] My gratitude plus a poem for youAlso eco toy storeClimate Alarm Clock PodcastEco Unesco, Plan International, NYCI for young peopleFrom What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins on the power of imaginationZero Waste Home by Bea Johnson bookSustainable Life School with Diane & NatLitter pickup study by NORCEAs always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend x
  • 99. Helping Injured Wildlife - Jana, Kildare Wildlife Rescue

    **WhatsApp me a voice-note, or e-mail a message to for episode 100 before April 25th!**Welcome back to Book of Leaves! I'm delighted to be coming out of a 3 month hibernation joined by Jana from Kildare Wildlife Rescue no less. As we're fully into Spring, there'll be a huge increase in wildlife calls and rescues needed, so there's no better time to learn how we can help their efforts. Visit their website for more info and don't forget to send a video of any wildlife you find to for assistance!You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram @Kildarewildliferescue, or X @WildlifeKildare.[00:15] Quick catch up with Ceara[06:50] Jana introduces herself and her journey[12:50] The training available within the wildlife rehabilitation community in Ireland[14:55] How KWR came about[17:20] What are the main cases of injured wildlife[19:20] The main causes of those cases[22:40] Preventing wildlife attacks from domestic cats[26:30] Preventing the spread of diseases in garden birds[29:50] Helping our mammals[34:10] The truth about seagulls (they're not doing as well as people think)[38:30] How to tell if an ‘abandoned’ animal is really abandoned and needs your help[41:50] How to rescue wildlife outside of KWR’s location[49:10] How to volunteer with and help KWR (e-mail[52:15] Jana’s favourite moments from wildlife volunteering & most difficult animals to hand rear[58:10] How Jana manages her mental health having to sometimes face animal cruelty and upsetting rescue casesWe also mentioned:Irish Wildlife TrustBirdwatch IrelandSeal Rescue IrelandHedgehog RescueBat RehabilitationGrey Abbey Veterinary hospitalAs always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee
  • 98. Leaving the 'High Life' for the Bigger Picture - Tom Butler

    Tom Butler, together with his wife Pam, run an organisation called Astræa, through which they inspire people to think, act, and live in harmony with the planet and each other. They grow food on a small organic farm, host classes, sell books and much more. At their root, they are two people using their time on the planet to create positive change. It was a pleasure to chat to Tom and learn of his fascinating story. My mind was whirring with inspiration through this chat, I'm sure yours will too! You can find their website here or stay up to date with them on Instagram @BreatheThinkFlow.[05:50] Tom introduces himself and his story / leaving the high life.[17:50] Moving to Carlow[20:10] Knowing your ancestors[25:40] Astræa[31:50] Feast Upon The Earth timescape book & exhibition. [47:20] The meaning of ‘Breathe, think, flow’Books mentioned:The Serpent and the GoddessFeast Upon The EarthHumankindFrom What Is to What IfDonate to UNICEFAs always, don't forget to follow Book of Leaves on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, leave us a review, and share with a friend xPatreon / Buy Me A Coffee