Bookable Space


Bookable Space with Linda C. Wisniewski

Season 1, Ep. 9

About the author: Linda C. Wisniewski is a former librarian and journalist. Her work has been published widely in literary magazines and anthologies, and on her blog, She is the author of a memoir, Off Kilter: A Woman’s Journey to Peace with Scoliosis, Her Mother and Her Polish Heritage. Linda lives with her husband in Bucks County, PA. 


Kat is at loose ends after her husband ditched her and their daughter followed suit. When a lost time traveler appears in her Pennsylvania kitchen, she grasps at the chance to give her life meaning by helping the woman find her way home. But a mysterious stranger insists they are together for a purpose. Slipping through a portal to an 1825 Polish village, Kat meets her own ancestors and discovers how her own mistakes derailed her life. Can she bring her new understanding of forgiveness and unconditional love back to the present and heal her family before it’s too late?

About the host: Yvonne Battle-Felton, author of Remembered, is an author, academic, host, creative producer, and presenter. Yvonne also writes short stories, personal essays, a writing column in Mslexia, and screenplays and hosts storytelling and literature events. 

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